Month: August 2018

Make The Most Of The Space That You Have

When you are running a business you must always try and use the space that you have in the best way possible. This is especially true when you are running a restaurant or a bar because the way that you use up the space will have an overall impact on the atmosphere that is set inside of it which will play a huge part in why your customers will come there in the first place. Remember that when you make better use of your space you will be able to have more people inside at any given time which means that you will be giving yourself the best chance to maximize your profits.

It will be easier for your employees

You should look to get a wall mounted spirit dispenser if you want to make life easier for your employees behind the bar because when you do this you will be making better use of the space that you have since they will now have more room to work with. This would make it much neater and help get rid of any unwanted clutter that will be there because there are too many bottles that your employees will have to deal with. When your employees have to work very quickly they might even knock over some bottles which will result in increased wastage and additional costs. A neater bar will also help your business look a lot nicer and as it will be more presentable.

Be creative

In addition to getting things like a 30ml spirit dispenser you will also have to think outside the box and be more creative if you want to make better use of your space. When it comes to designing and arranging furniture you must do it in a way that the employees in your bar and restaurant will find it easy to be more effective at their jobs but also you must be aware of your customers and have a layout that suits their needs and creates a better experience for them as well.

Have a plan

You must make sure that you plan things out before you start even using up the space that you have. You should assess the space and think about your businesses needs and what you want to achieve. This way you can get the most suitable seating and tables for your restaurant or bar and you won’t have to worry about using up space unnecessarily. You can experiment and try different arrangements so that you will find out which one is the best for you.

Tips For Baking Without Gluten

If you have allergic reactions to gluten, then you might need to sort out your needs of cookies and other baked food items with a substitute that does not cause any allergic reactions. You need to know your flours, adding the right bit of moisture and this will ensure that you will be a great baker without this particular protein.

The flours
You will be working with many flours in your life. So you will need to learn about the flours that are safe which does not have gluten so that you can make gluten free cupcakes. These floor mixes are available in health stores, supermarkets and at any store that specialises in this type of food. You can play around with the flour on your own at first to see how it would fit together when baking. There are guides available that will help you pick out flour that does not contain this protein. If you are interested about gluten free cupcakes you can visit this website

Gluten helps to keep the food stuck together. However, you will need a substitute to ensure that it will do the job of sticking the food together. You can use ingredients such as guar gum, gelatine, xanthan gum and agar agar. The most used and well-known substitute is xanthan gum, which is created using corn sugars that have been fermented using bacteria that will form a powder. This powder makes the food products thicker. Using too much might make the food slimy or crumb densely.

You will need to add a fruit puree, as there is no gluten, which might cause your food items crumbly. Apple or pear puree will be ideal. If this does not work, then you can add milk and yogurt at the same ratio to keep the moisture in place.

Whipping it up
You will never have a tough time when working the ingredients together. All you have to do is beat the ingredients as much as you can so that you get all the air folded into the ingredients.

More ingredients
Make sure that you read the label very carefully so that you can be certain that is it gluten free. Ensure that you avoid adding ingredients such as corn flour, ice cream, baking powder, sweets, chocolates and lollipops. When making custom birthday cakes Melbourne, you will need to be very carefully with all the ingredients.

There are many recipes available on the Internet, which cater to those who prefer to eat gluten free baked goods. A fair warning – You will make mistakes and this is normal. So do not get disheartened if it does not workout the first time. Keep trying out!