Lose Weight To Achieve That Dream Body Of Yours

Your kids are the best thing that happened to you. So take care of them properly to make sure they grow up to be what you always dreamt of. Everyone dreams of achieving the ideal body that is marketed in every weight loss programme and low-fat food advertisement. Holding your breath to hide the tummy fat or keeping the “beauty on” tab at maximum in the phone selfie camera is not going to deceive anyone but you. The world is full of yummy foods dripping in oil and carbohydrates and theywill arrive in a touch of the finger tips or a click of your computer to your doorstep. But a healthy physique is a bit faraway than that.

Don’t go on a hunger strike

You must have received a lot of advice to reduce the amount you eat to lose weight. But eating less than required is only going to make you anorexic, feeble and unable to carry on day-to-day activities. What you need to do is eat right. Take in mandatory nutrients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins; reduce the bad ones; eat less junk food. Reduce the amount of floury items you take in. Instead of buns and pastries try a smoothie or a fruit. You can try many replacements; in the beverage department, for example, remove normal cow’s milk for camel milk benefits. It contains half the fat in cow’s milk, more proteins and calcium to make you healthier and lose weight.

Eat right- use that energy

Best method to lose weight is eat right and spend that energy in working out. People traditionally use a gym or go on running, walking, or do activities like yoga or zumba. But there is a new practice getting popular for people at work who don’t have much time to involve in actual exercising. This is known as “deskercise”. It literally means what you can do at your desk or at work. First, you can take the steps instead of the lift, try standing up more as opposed to being stationed in your seat for longer periods, walk to your colleague to get a document or discuss something, walk to buy food rather than ordering online, work your arms and shoulders whilebeing seated and have stand up meetings. You can also take individual initiatives like replacing your water bottle for a glass and fill it often by walking to the water cooler and using the washroom upstairs or downstairs by walking there.

Care for the skin

To get a killer body you need to look nice; this means if you are a female having a nicely curved body and a guy, some muscles. But that is not the only thing. When someone sees you, they observe you underneath all the clothes you are wearing and also the uncovered parts, which is your face arms and maybe legs, so they are looking at your skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body but what care do we take of it? People don’t drink nearly enough water to keep the skin moisturized, they shave off the hair which is actually there to help skin look supple and sit under air conditioning for so long that it gets wrinkled easily. Washing frequently is also bad for the skin. Talking about foods that are good for the skin, camel milk health benefits include the goodness of carotene and vitamins which will soften your skin and inhibit dryness. Anyone’s first impression of you is the last and only one which counts. So make it a good one by maintaining your body in an attractive manner with the right food and exercise.