Recognizing The Symptoms Of Lactose Intolerant

The world is currently seeing one of the biggest lifestyle changes that it has ever seen in the form of the switch to plant based and vegan lifestyles due to the massive amount of awareness that is being done by the young people of today over social media. For decades, the dangers of consuming meat and dairy were hidden from the public eye by big corporations looking to make big money from feeding dairy, meat and processed food to the public and then benefiting from them getting sick. Even cancer is a big money maker for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry which means that these two industries together with the dairy ad meat industries invested a lot of money, in the tune of billions to hide the truth about meat and dairy from the consumer.

A change that can make you feel better

The truth is that cutting our milk protein from your diet can help to make your life much better and make you feel much healthier overall. If you have always had various unexplainable problems in your life such as continuously falling sick, gas, indigestion and so on but they rarely ever connect it with the dairy and meat that they eat. Bloating, diarrhea, nausea and lack of energy are some fo the symptoms that can occur due to dairy consumption but many people, even with these symptoms continue to eat a lot of dairy and dairy products.

Even though dairy reaction is not a big secret from the governments of countries, they continue to fund the dairy industry and they continue to subsidize dairy to make it more affordable to people which makes us wonder why they would go through so much of trouble and invest their own money in a product that is otherwise useless to the adult human. The reason for this is because when these products cause illness and people have to run to the hospital and spend excessive amounts of money, the government benefits. In fact, there are even known cures for cancer that are not being released in to the world simply because governments would lose all of the income that they get from feeding people bad food and creating cancer. Every person that has taken the plunge to cut out dairy from their lives and switch to a plant based diet has reported amazing improvements in their health and their wellbeing. We often assume that the tiredness we feel and the exhaustion is a result of “old age” but it is actually all about diet. Visit this link for more info on dairy reaction.